Child Focus

4 Steps To Raising Confident Kids

Raising confident kids is not as easy as one might think. There are so many factors that go into nurturing this mindset that it is easy to overthink the process. The one thing to remember is that parents are their children’s first teachers, and in that regard, they are the…Read More

Helping Kids With ADHD Succeed In School

A child with ADHD doesn’t need to have difficulty in school. Here are five ways parents can help a child with ADHD succeed in school:   Create a routine for the child Children with ADHD especially benefit from consistent structure. Wake the child early enough so that mornings are not…Read More

What is ADD?

You just got the report from the school psychologist and you are confused and frustrated, what the heck is ADHD and how did my child end up with it? Rest assured that it was not something you did or didn’t do. More and more children are being diagnosed with ADD…Read More

Causes of Attention Deficit Disorder

Researchers are unclear exactly what happens within the brain of an ADD child. Medical science is sure that ADD is caused by abnormalities in neurological function. Chemicals known as neurotransmitters are improperly balanced in an ADD child. The average person can automatically communicate thoughts from the left side to the…Read More