Bullying is becoming a major problem in the United States. This type of intimidation against others needs to stop, but there are no clear solutions. This is one reason people are trying to figure out how to protect their kids. Surprisingly, one solution to this issue is none other than the combat art of martial arts.


The Bully Problem

There is a lot to be said about this problem. It is not only hurting kids in schools or play yards but also children’s social media accounts. In other words, a lot of parents are having a hard time shielding their children just like you are. It is estimated that one out of every four children has suffered from this issue be it online or in person.


The following are the negative effects this type of problem could have on your children:


Mental-Related Issues

Kids who are bullied are more likely to develop a number of mental issues such as depression. This issue can have a few effects on your child, such as sadness and even insomnia. Some kids who suffer from depression end up lashing out at others. Anxiety is another issue that some kids develop after being bullied for too long. Sometimes, this issue can inhibit a kid from enjoying life as kids should.


Academic Problems

Another problem we have seen children develop after being bullied for some time is decreased academic performance. This happens for a few reasons; for one, kids are scared and do not have time to think about their studies when they are being bullied. Some kids would rather miss school than face their tormentors, which is sometimes linked to a lack of discipline. Incidentally, discipline is one of the core values martial arts teaches children.


These are just some of the negative effects your children can suffer simply because they are being bullied. These outcomes are heartbreaking, which is the reason we encourage parents to use every tool available to fight this problem, such as our ancient teachings.


What can Martial Arts do for Your Kids?

Self-defense can help children dealing with this issue in a number of ways. Some think this art form is all about fighting but it goes beyond that.


Sure, the art form teaches kids to fight but it does not teach them to hurt others but rather defend themselves. When the teachings are passed on effectively, the child will not be a bringer of violence but rather absorb the hits when they are dished out.


The following are a few ways our teachings can help children get passed this stage of their lives:


Inner Self-Confidence

One thing that is very important for our teachings is building self-confidence. Learning to respect your power is very important in order to master this art form. The reason this also helps defeat the bully is because this type of abuse usually hijacks a person’s insecurities and uses them as weapons.


The bully is the one attacking, but it is a person’s own insecurities that ultimately end up cutting deeper. The bully’s ability to hijack a person’s insecurities will not be so effective if the child has reclaimed his or her own self-confidence. This is something that even adults struggle with, so it is important to keep in mind how great it is to know that this art form depends on strengthening this aspect of your children.


Role-Playing Solution

Another powerful aspect of this art form worth noting is role-playing. This is used in a number of our classes to teach children about the types of attacks that he or she may face at some point. We use role-playing to help children learn how to react to any given situation, which can be quite stressful.


It may not seem like much, but this kind of exercise actually helps prepare children to deal with any situation. Part of the reason a bully intimidates is that he or she catches the victim off-guard. Stress kicks in and diminishes your ability to think clearly. Role-playing gives you back the power a bully takes from you and allows you to think clearly in any given situation.


Strength in Communication

As mentioned earlier, this art form may teach a child to defend himself or herself, but the key is to absorb violence at all times. This is one reason we teach kids how to communicate effectively in any given situation. Talking and expressing yourself effectively through posture are just some of the things your kids will learn.


Body language is important to control because fear empowers bullies but confidence deters them. Of course, we are careful to avoid any type of body language that challenges a bully. Communication skills are also important because the right words can actually stop a fight before it even begins. This sport is quite diplomatic and experts in the art intend to keep it that way.


In a strange way, taking Kung-Fu, Karate, or any other type of martial art gives your child a vast amount of knowledge beyond self-defense. The lessons are pretty effective and can represent one more tool to keep your kids safe from the negative effects bullying can have on a child.


It is important that you talk to your children about enrolling them in these types of classes so that you are both on the same page. It should be comforting to know that your children will know how to defend themselves, even if the situation does end up getting violent because it reduces the risk of these bullies attacking. Talk to the instructor that you are considering to make sure you are also on the same page before you decide.